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Jamie is incredible! She mentioned the specific years in my life that were life changing for me. The way she described my personality, the things I need to work on, where I am with my career, and what I need to tap into, were all 100% accurate. I went into this with an open mind but didn't expect to be amazed by the outcome!

Leila T.

If you love astrology like I do, then you'll love Jamie! She is amazing and knowledgeable. I did my first birth chart reading with her and I supa dupa highly recommend her! Very well detailed and close to being accurate. I received a lot of details about my sign. I had an incredibly revealing reading with Jamie. She helped me understand my chart and gave clear and fulfilling guidance. Recommended if you are feeling lost, frustrated, disappointed and need some honest guidance.

Darin R.

I had never had a reading done before and Jamie was not only informative but also patient. She did a great job explaining things to me and had such a calming presence about her. She is very easy to talk to and would recommend her reading to others!


I had my astrology chart read to me only once or twice before in my life. I didn't remember much either time. This time with Jamie, I really welcomed and retained her reading. She made sense out of what is so foreign to me. She made the information digestible and understandable. She took the time to walk me through three areas of my chart she was covering. I especially liked how Jamie started with significant dates. I feel like Jamie's reading was spot on with respect to my life work and purpose. Thank you Jamie!


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